Selected writing

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Proof of Identity
(On Polling Day: Malaysians Remember 9 May 2018, Matahari Books, August 2018)

Book Review: The Unchosen: The Lives of Israel's New Others
(Border Criminologies, July 2018)

How to Care about the World Cup if Football Isn't Your Thing
(Wait A Minute Now, June 2018)

Unapologetically Malaysian: Hanna Alkaf
(Wait A Minute Now, March 2018)

Review: Cast Aside
(Wait A Minute Now, March 2018)

Straits Eclectic (as editor)
(Gerakbudaya Enterprise, 2017)

An Oversimplification of Al Ibrahim
(Wait A Minute Now, December 2017)

The Stories I Told Myself: Why I Stayed in a Toxic Relationship
(Wait A Minute Now, October 2017)

Mount Kinabalu, Migration & Momisok in Chronicles of KK
(Critics Republic, March 2017)

Everyone I Ever Kissed Vol. I
(zine, December 2016)

Strange Vibrations: A Review of Pekak
(Critics Republic, October 2016)

(An Oversimplification of Us, zine, September 2016)

Life in Kuala Lumpur: Culture, Cuisine & the Law
(The Skinny, February 2016)

Sex Workers and Sex Robots: What's Really at Stake
(New Mandala, October 2015)

What About the Welfare of Sex Workers?
(Malay Mail Online, August 2015)

Sex Work, Punk Rock and Jennifer Jason Leigh
(Shock & Awe! #7, January 2015)

Happy Tenth Birthday to the Telegraph's Brothel Job Hoax
(Feminist Ire, January 2015)

Blue Is The Warmest Colour Is Great On Love, Bad On Lesbian Sex
(The List, November 2013)

I Talk To Problematic People In Bars
(Autostraddle, October 2013)

Something Rotten In The State Of Sweden
(The Toast, August 2013)

Criminalising the Purchase of Sex: Who Cares What Sex Workers Say?
(Bright Green, June 2013)

Whataboutery, Dissent and Mourning
(The Boston Bombings: 18 Perspectives, The Islamic Monthly, April 2013)

Enduring (the) Myths: Sex Work, Decriminalisation and the Nordic Model
(Feminist Ire, April 2013)

Sex Industry Apologist #2
(zine, February 2013)

Taking Ideology to the Streets: Sex Work and How to Make Bad Things Worse
(Feminist Ire, November 2012)

Rhoda Grant and the Sacrificial Sex Worker
(The Skinny, November 2012)

Just Don't Call It Slut-Shaming: A Feminist Guide to Silencing Sex Workers
(Feminist Ire, September 2012)

Everything Happens Elsewhere: Northern Ireland in the Nineties
(Autostraddle, March 2012)

Review: We The Animals
(The Skinny, March 2012)

Yet More Advice On What Not To Do: #187
(Juggling The Rainbow #2, February 2012)

Sex, Blood and the Status Quo
(PinkNews, January 2012)

Hiking in War Zones
(Bella Caledonia, October 2011)

Men Masquerading as Lesbians Online: Allies or Cowards?
(Lesbilicious, June 2011)

Identity Drag: Amina, Appropriation and Accountability
(The Anti Room, June 2011)

If Destroyed Still True #6: Iraqi Kurdistan Edition
(zine, April 2011 | available at Auckland Central Library · Barnard College Library · National Library of Australia)

Rancid Authenticity and Other Stories: How to Be a Decent Couchsurfer
(The Skinny, April 2011)

Take It And Leave It
(Shareable, March 2011 | Share or Die, New Society Publishers, 2012)

What Is Okay
(BoLT #5, December 2010)

The Pronoun Game & The Quota
(BoLT #2, June 2010)

Pretty Vacant
(The Skinny, February 2010)

Sex Industry Apologist
(zine, 2010 | available at Barnard College Library · National Library of Australia · Vancouver Public Library)

The Last Book I Loved: A Complicated Kindness
(The Rumpus, November 2009)

Belle de Jour is the New Pretty Woman
(The Rumpus, November 2009)

Refigure (with Jessie Lymn)
(zine, May 2009 | reprinted in Queering Archives: The Practices of Zines)

Why I Got This Tattoo
(Ask Me About My Divorce, Seal Press, 2009)

So Far, Solo, So What?
(The Skinny, October 2008)

I Kissed Plenty of Girls But I Never Thought To Capitalise On It
(The Skinny, September 2008)

The Straight Learning Curve
(The Skinny, July 2007)

Queer and Camouflaged
(The Skinny, April 2007)

Prostitution (Train Wreck) (Impending) Bill
(The Skinny, February 2007)

Review: Hey, Hetero!
(The Skinny, December 2006)